Skater Lottery Tickets

In order to keep ice fees at a reasonable rate each participant is required to purchase Skater Lottery Ticket Books.

Each book costs $60.00 and is included in PreCan, Can, and Powerskate registraion fees. 

Star Skaters: Ticket books may be purchased on line.  Look for "purchase other products" button on the Registration Page or in your Shopping Cart. 

All Participants are welcome to sell the tickets to recoup their personal expense.

There is a family maximum of 6 Books.

Books must be picked up at the rink during "Orientation Nights" and brought back the first night of Skate.


Pre-Canskate (full and half year)

 1 book 


CanSkate (one and two days)

2 books



2 - books


Power Skate

No Books


Advanced CanSkate

2 - books


Star Skate

1 book per day 


 There is a family maximum of Six books


PASC attempts to keep fundraising needs at a minium.

Each participant is required to work Bingos to help make this a reality.

The number of bingos required is based on the amount of time each participant is on the ice.

Each Bingo requires a $120.00 deposit that will be destroyed once you have worked.   


A list of avaialbe Bingo dates is located on the bulletin board at the Stuart Arena

There is a family maxium of 6 Bingos.  


NB: PreCanskaters and Power Skaters do not need to Work Bingos. 



Can skate

  1 day - 1 bingo

  2 days - 2 bingo's


Pre power 

1 bingo



no bingo's


Advanced Can Skate

 3 bingo's



no bingo's


Star Skate

  2 days - 4 bingo's

  3 days - 5 bingo's

  4+days - 6 bingo's


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